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Green Fences & Walls With Various Hedging Plants

Hedges provide a wonderful, Depending on species, you can have year-round foliage or seasonal interest. Flowering shrubs can make great hedges too. Rosa rugosa is a tried and tested choice and even

Rosa Rugosa
Rosa Rugosa

Forsythia can be grown for a natural-looking hedge! Wildlife can find refuge in hedges and they filter wind without creating turbulence. A thorny hedge, pyracantha, is an effective discouragement to unwanted visitors. All hedges are a barrier against the dust, dirt and litter that can otherwise come into the garden. Turn necessity into beauty in the garden this month. Every property needs boundaries to mark its limits. Hedges – ‘green fences and walls’ – are a wonderful way of bringing a host of benefits to the garden.

Forsythia hedge

Focus on foliage:– here are a few plants offering glorious foliage from lush glossy leaves to elegant needles or small detailed leaves. hornbeams, beeches, conifers, elaeagnus, yews, box Don’t forget other options: include plants bearing berries

  • Forsythia hedge will form a wall of bright yellow colour. Trim to shape after flowering. Height – 1.8m-2.4m (6-8ft).
  • Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is a quick growing evergreen hedge with new red growth, white flowers in Spring. Eventual height 1.8m-3m(6-10ft)
  • Ribes sanguineum ‘Pulborough Scarlet’ (Ornamental currant), gives a profusion of deep red flowers in mid Spring. Height 1.2m(4ft)
Nancee Crowley

Nancee Crowley

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