Geranium Catalogue

Zonal Geraniums For tubs & planters or centre-piece of beds & borders.
APPLEBLOSSOM Tight double flowers like a miniature rosebud.White / deep pink. Green foliage. Zonal
ANNE Pink semi double flowers. Heavily zoned dark green foliage. Strong compact growth, free flowering.
FLOWER FAIRY BERRY Dazzling violet, semi-double blooms with dark eye. Green foliage.
FLOWER FAIRY WHITE Semi double flowers. Green foliage.
FRAUKE Bright purple semi double flowers with dark eye.
FRIESIA Very early flowering , semi-double bright red blooms. Green foliage. NEW
GLACIS Early flowering white, semi-double flowers. Green foliage. No obvious zoning.
HERO Purple flamed flowers. Heavily zoned dark green foliage. Strong compact growth.
KAREN Flowers white with candy pink flush. Free flowering. Dark green foliage.
LISA Deep salmon pink flowers. Free flowering. Dark green leaves. Great garden performance.
LISKE Intense scarlet semi double flowers. Green foliage. Well zoned leaves. S f Gf
MARENA Semi double, cherry flowers. Dark leaves. Zonal markings.
MAGNUS Semi double, velvet red flowers. Dark leaves. Zonal markings.
ROBE Velvet red medium sized flowers. Compact habit. Green leaves. Slightly zoned foliage.
SALMON PRINCESS Semi-double, soft appleblossom flowers. Zoned foliage.
SAMELIA Semi double, pillar box red flowers. Dark leaves. Zonal markings.
SASSA Clear brilliant pink flowers. Green leaves.
Geranium – Variegated
MADAME SALERONE Lilac pink flowers, green & cream foliage.
VANCOUVER CENTENNIAL Large numbers of single red flowers. Yellow / bronze foliage.
Regal Pelargoniums Makes excellent centre-piece for tubs & containers.
ANGEL EYES BI-COLOUR Dark pink & white flowers. Free flowering. Compact growth.
ANGEL EYES ORANGE Masses of bicoloured salmon orange flowers with deep red veins. Free flowering. Compact.
ARISTO BURGUNDY Majestic, free flowering, Burgundy red flowers with eye. Uniform habit. Abundant & regular budding.
ARISTO BEAUTY Majestic, free flowering, burgundy with delicate white edge, early flowers. Uniform habit. NEW
CLARINA Lilac flowers with a purple eye.
Ivy Leaf Geraniums For hanging baskets, wall planters & pots.
AMELIT Salmon red semi doudle flowers . Compact, free flowering.
BLANCHE ROCHE White with a pink flush. Compact & free flowering. RE-INTRO
DECORA RED Single, red flowers. White stems. Very free flowering. Vigorous. Wet weather tolerant.
ERKE Light pink semi double flowers
FALKO Semi double, scarlet red flowers. Zonal.
MINI CASCADE RED Single red, dwarf cascading, very prolific flowering.
PIA Double, blue-red with wine red eye. Early flowering.
RUBEN Semi double, passionate dark red flowers. Compact bushy habit.
SYBIL HOLMES Rose pink double flowers. Compact, free flowering.
TESKE Double, soft lavender flowers. Early flowering.
TOMKE Semi double dark aubergine flowers. Free flowering.
Nancee Crowley

Nancee Crowley

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